Personal Data Protection

Personal Data Protection

Eternity Law Firm (the 'Firm') collects, processes, and uses personal data. The Firm complies with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and implements the following personal data protection policies:


1. Scope and acquisition of personal data.

The scope of personal data is determined in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act at the time when the information in this policy is retrieved.

This company acquires personal information from parties in a legal manner, only as necessary for business operations. Additionally, after the engagement, we will need to verify the individual's identity in compliance with the anti-money laundering regulations of the relevant country and region. To do so, we will require personal information from the client, shareholders, and beneficial owner.

2. The purpose of collecting, processing, and using this personal data is to comply with legal requirements.
2.1 The Firm will collect, process, and use clients' personal information for the specific purposes listed in 2.2. The personal information collected, processed and used based on the actual needs of the entrusted affairs or cases shall prevail.
2.2 Specific purposes:
2.2.1 Legal services are provided by this firm.
2.2.2 This Firm provides services related to contracts, similar contracts, or other legal relationship matters.
2.2.3 This firm offers counseling services to small and medium-sized enterprises and other industries.
2.2.4 This firm provides consumer and customer management services.
2.2.5 This firm's advertising and business activities.


3.  Period, region, object, and method of personal data use:
3.1 Period: The period of existence for the specific purpose listed in 2.2 or the period of retention required by relevant laws and regulations.
3.2 Region: Unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations, personal data will only be used within the territory of the Republic of China and the area agreed upon by the client and the parties.
3.3 Objects: Unless otherwise specified by laws and regulations, the objects of use will be those agreed upon by this Firm, its strategic partners, and the client.


4. To prevent the leakage, theft, loss, tampering, and damage of personal information, this firm takes necessary measures to manage personal information properly. Our firm takes necessary measures to prevent the leakage, theft, loss, tampering, and damage of personal information. Personal data shall not be provided to third parties.


5. Please note that our firm may disclose or provide personal information of the client and parties to alliances outside Taiwan in order to handle cases and make quotations. When disclosing or providing personal information to countries or regions outside Taiwan, we will comply with the restrictions of the Personal Data Protection Act. Our firm will not disclose the client's personal information to third parties without the client's consent, except when required by law or authorized by administrative or judicial authorities.


6. Matters relating to the exercise of rights regarding personal data.
The client may request, read, provide copies, supplement, correct or stop the collection, processing, use or deletion of personal data held by the firm in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. After confirming that the client's identity, this Firm will respond appropriately in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

7. This Firm’s contact information.
If you have any inquiries or requests regarding the contents of the Personal Data Protection Policy and other processing of personal data by our firm, please notify our firm by email.


8. Others
Our firm reserves the right to change the content of the personal information protection policy.