2017-1-1 Eternity Law Firm was founded by Ethan Lin and Andy Wang, who share a similar mindset and have years of experience in practice. This firm aims to be a boutique law firm that provides customers with high-quality, comprehensive, and cross-border legal services. Our firm offers a range of specialized services beyond civil and criminal law, including tax law, green energy, inbound and outbound investments (especially in Japan), and related corporate services. We pride ourselves on our expertise in these areas, which sets us apart from general law firms.
2017-2 We have established a cooperative agreement with the Department of Public Finance and Taxation at National Taipei University of Business and have long-term sponsorship and participation in the 'International Tax and Practices' seminar series.
2017-4-1 David Chou Taiwei, an attorney with ten years of experience in PwC's Corporate Taxation and Japanese Investment departments in Taiwan and Japan, has joined the firm as a new partner.

Our firm has initiated a long-term partnership with the Sports Law and Entertainment Law Research Center of Soochow University School of Law. We are actively participating in various academic activities organized by the center.


Join the Worldwide Independent Lawyers League (WILL), which has 235 members in 63 countries and provides services in 45 languages as of March 2022.


Eternity Law Firm has established Hsin Chu branch office.


Eternity Law Firm has established Tokyo branch office in Kasumigaseki in order to combine resources in Taiwan and Japan and provide services to clients at nearest location.


Attorney Li Peiying and Li Qiufeng joined the firm and became partners in the Hsinchu branch of the firm. Lawyer Li Peiying is also the chief of the Hsinchu branch.